Are You Undetectable?

Consider Sharing Your Story to Inspire Others

Please consider telling the story of your journey to becoming undetectable to inspire others to do the same.

Feel free to identify yourself or remain anonymous

Ideas you may want to include… these are just suggestions, feel free to tell your story your way

  • Demographics – race, age sex at birth, sex you identify as, religion

  • Your history – where you’re from, education, employment

  • How you learned you were HIV positive

  • Your thoughts/ feelings when you learned you had HIV

  • What you remember from your first visit to RCID

  • Your first viral load count, your current viral load count

    • How long did it take to get undetectable

  • Challenges you’ve face to get to or stay undetectable

  • What or who encouraged you to take your medication & stay undetectable

  • What you learned along your journey, what you would have done differently that you think would be helpful for someone else

  • Anyone you want to recognize from RCID, CCHN, THP, Higher Ground that has impacted your life and how – a provider, nurse, counselor, administrative staff, other

You can submit your story in the following ways

  1. Email

  2. Website

  3. Mail to the Attention to David Thompson at 301 E Wendover Ave, Greensboro NC 27401

  4. Drop of at RCID clinic


Remember please state on your story if you would like to remain anonymous

By submitting, you are agreeing to share your story with others through print, online and or publication.

Share Your Story. Inspire Others

By submitting, you are agreeing for your story to be published on the RCID web page, printed for display or published

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