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In 1991, Cone Health helped create the Guilford County AIDS Partnership (GCAP), a broad-based coalition of community partners promoting education about and prevention for HIV/AIDS. As more effective therapies became available in the mid to late 1990s, GCAP’s mission shifted towards providing care for those living with HIV/AIDS. During those formative years, there was much discussion about the possibility of a “one-stop shop” clinic where people living with HIV/AIDS could receive all of the care services they required. Over the next decade, GCAP’s partners worked hard to keep that vision alive.


In 2011, that vision became reality in the form of the Regional Center for Infectious Diseases (RCID). With generous support from Cone Health, Cone Health Foundation and federal Ryan White funding for HIV care, we were able to bring infectious disease providers together with multiple community partners to provide comprehensive services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Our integrated care team includes physicians, a nurse practitioner, nurses, case managers, bridge counselors, financial counselors, behavioral health counselors, a community outreach nurse, and a dental clinic. Our team is able to provide ongoing education, prevention services, care services and conduct research for HIV/AIDS.


In addition to serving people living with HIV/AIDS, RCID provides consultation and care services for all infectious diseases, i.e. Hep C, bone & joint disorders, endocarditis, hospital follow up visits, as well as travel medicine consultation.

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