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  • If you are less than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment you will still be seen

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment you will be seen in the next available appointment slot, at the end of the clinic session or may need to be rescheduled for a future appointment. Patients arriving after 4:30 pm will be rescheduled for a future visit.


  • If you are going to miss your scheduled appointment please call at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule your appointment

  • In the event you have missed 3 consecutive scheduled appointments within a 12 month period you will need to schedule an appointment with one of our clinical pharmacist to review your medications and complete any necessary lab work

  • You may also need to meet with our financial counselor to complete any necessary paperwork

  • After you have completed your visit with one of our clinical pharmacist you can scheduled a future appointment with your provider.

  • Providers, staff and patients are expected to treat each other with dignity & respect at all times. Abusive language, threatening or inappropriate behavior in the office, on the phone or through MyChart will not be tolerated at any time. Consequences for violating our Code of Conduct can result in immediate dissimsial from RCID.


  • Phone: Calls are answered in the order they are received. If all staff members are currently on a call, you will be directed to a voicemail, please leave your name, DOB & reason for your call. Your call will be returned by the end of the day. If calling after 4 pm, your call may not be returned until the next business day.

  • MyChart: The most efficient way to reach our office is by registering for & using MyChart to send messages to our staff when you have questions about your care or need to speak with your nurse. Our goal is for MyChart messages to be answered by the end of the day. If additional information needs to be obtained from your provider it may take until the next business day to complete your request.

  • New patients: Our goal is to schedule all new patients within 14 days of being referred to RCID

  • Follow up appointments: Provider schedules will be available at least 13 months in advance.

  • Walk – in appointments: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate walk in appointments at this time. All appointments need to be scheduled in advance.


  • In the event you need copies of your medical records you will need to complete a Release of Information form that has to be signed in our office. It can take up to 14 days to complete and the records will be mailed to your home.

  • In the event you need documents completed i.e. FMLA, return to work, etc. you will need to complete a Release of Information form that has to be signed in our office. It can take up to 5-7 days to complete and we will fax the documents




• Ask questions, share your feelings and be part of your care

• Treat all providers, staff members & other patients with dignity & respect

• Be honest about your history, symptoms, and other important information about your health

• Tell your doctor about any changes in your health and well being

• Take all of your medicine and follow your provider’s advice

• Make healthy decisions about your daily habits and lifestyle

• Prepare for and keep scheduled visits or reschedule visits in advance whenever possible

 • Call your provider first with all problems, unless it is a medical emergency


• Explain diseases, treatments, and results in an easy-to-understand way

• Treat all patients & family members with dignity & respect

• Listen to my patients’ feelings and questions help them make decisions about their care

• Keep treatments, discussions, and records private

• Provide instructions on how to meet your health care needs when the office is not open

• To care for you to the best of my abilities based on my understanding of current medical methods available

• Give my patients clear directions about medicines and other treatments

• Send my patients to trusted experts, if needed

• End every visit with clear instructions about expectations, treatment goals, and future plans









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