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The Regional Center for Infectious Disease receives funding from Parts B, C and D

of the Ryan White Program.

To find out more about what services are covered at our clinic or if you qualify, please contact our office at  (336) 832-3234 and ask to speak to our Financial Counselor.


For more information on what to bring to a financial counseling appointment, go here.

Re certification applications are due by JANUARY 31st (coverage period of April-September) and JULY 31st (coverage period of October-March) in order to prevent delays in medical benefits or gaps in coverage.


Patients are financially responsible for expenses incurred if eligibility criteria is not met in a timely manner.

Please call (336) 832-3234 to speak with the financial counselor and eligibility specialist for an appointment.


Please bring the following with you:

  • Proof of Residency

    • Photo identification

    • ​utility bill or lease agreement which shows applicants name and current address​

  • Proof of Income

    • 1 month of current pay stubs showing year to date income and deductions( all jobs)​

    • income tax return for previous year

    • all W-2's from previous year (All Jobs)

  • Proof of Insurance  

    • insurance cards, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI Letter, insurance cap letters​

    • ​if none, show evidence of efforts to obtain insurance, (rejection letters, denied applications, etc)​

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