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RCID works with many community partnerships to provide care, assistance and resources in order to meet our patients needs. 


  • Referrals to local and regional medical services

  • ​Coordination between local Providers and Clients

  • Referrals to medication assistance programs

  • Food Pantry and Nutritional Education

  • Referrals to area Social Service organizations

  • Information and Referrals to local Housing Providers

  • Referrals to local Mental Health Providers for Counseling and Assessment

  • Information and Referrals to Alcohol and Substance Abuse Resources

  • Temporary, Emergency Financial Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance to Medical Appointments

  • Referrals to Legal Services for establishment of Health Care documents and Guardianship

  • Contact with local Advocacy groups

  • Support Groups

  • Education, Art, and Exercise Programs


  • Bridge Counseling

  • Housing Program

  • Dental Services

Integrated Care

  • Case management

  • PATH Street Outreach

  • Medical clinic

  • Mental health nurse

  • Referrals

Fundamental Services

  • Showers and hygiene supplies

  • Laundry

  • Phone access

  • Mailing addresses and mailboxes

  • Replacement IDs

  • Onsite barbershop

  • Storage lockers

  • White Flag winter warming center

Self Sufficiency

  • Skilled trade classes

  • Job skills classes

  • Resume and jobs application assistance

  • Interview training

  • GED classes

  • Professional clothing vouchers

  • Financial literacy


  • Free Confidential HIV/ STD Counseling & Testing 

  • Advocates for HIV Public Policies 


  • Free STD screening

  • Prevention Case Management - Targets recovering drug users in order to help prevent drug relapse and HIV/AIDS infection/transmission.

  • SISTA Project - Targets African American women in order to increase their knowledge of the dangers of HIV/AIDS and teaches effective methods of preventing HIV transmission. The goal of the program is to reduce HIV infection by improving communication and negotiation skills between women and their partners, and by increasing overall self esteem

  • Safety Counts - Targets active cocaine and injecting drug users. This program teaches risk-reduction behaviors and offers counseling and referrals

  • Community PROMISE - Recruits individuals in recovery from drug use and other high-risk behaviors to become role models called “Peer Advocates.” Peer Advocates seek to inspire and educate others engaged in high-risk behaviors by sharing their personal stories of recovery.


  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling 

  • Consumer Credit Counseling 

  • Domestic Violence Shelters

  • Child Abuse Prevention & Healthy Parenting


  • Birth Control

  • General Health Care

  • HIV Testing

  • LGBT Services

  • Men's Health Care

  • Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)

  • Pregnancy Testing & Services

  • STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines

  • Women's Health Care


  • HIV Testing

  • Hep C Testing

  • Syphilis Testing


  • HIV/ STI Testing

  • WIC

  • TB

  • Immunizations

  • International Travel

  • QuitSmart Smoking Classes

  • Pregnancy Care Management

  • CHRP

  • CAP-DA

  • Newborn Home Visitation

  • Vasectomy

  • Communicable Diseases

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