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Ryan White Funding

The Ryan White Program is a federally funded program, named after Ryan White, a teenager who was diagnosed with AIDS after a blood transfusion. It provides medical care and support services to people living with HIV who are uninsured or underinsured. The legislation that created the program was first passed in 1990, part of the Public Health Service Act. The program is made up of different parts, - A, B, C, D & F


Ryan White/ CCHN Eligibility Requirements & Rules


·         Person diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS

·         NC resident of one of 7 counties in region 4

·         At or below 300% of federal Poverty Level

·         Ryan White is always the payor of last resort

·         Emergency care services are not covered

          Funding cannot be used for PrEP


Ryan White Part A

Ryan White Part B

Ryan White Part A provides grant funding for medical and support services to Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) and Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs). EMAs and TGAs are population centers that are the most severely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic


Ryan White Part B program funded through Part B of the Ryan White HIV/AID Treatment Modernization Act through the State of North Carolina AIDS Care Unit.  Provides outpatient and support services to individuals infected with HIV/AIDS in Alamance, Caswell, Guilford, Montgomery, Randolph, Rockingham and Stanly counties.  CCHN works with agencies in the different counties that serve clients directly.  Funded services include primary medical care, dental care, HIV medications, case management, transportation, emergency financial assistance, and health insurance premium and cost-sharing assistance.


Ryan White Part C provides grant funding to local community-based organizations to support outpatient HIV early intervention services and ambulatory care. Part C also funds planning grants, which help organizations more effectively deliver HIV care and services


Ryan White Part D program funded through Part D of the Ryan White HIV/AID Treatment Modernization Act.  Purpose is to serve women, youth, adolescents and families infected with and affected by HIV through coordination of family-centered, community-based comprehensive systems of care.  Services are targeted towards getting HIV+ women, children and youth into medical care, as well as raising awareness about the benefits and availability of clinical trials.  Outreach component of program seeks to identify individuals who are positive, but unaware of their HIV status or who may be positive but not sure where/how to access services. Serves Alamance, Caswell, Guilford, Montgomery, Randolph, Rockingham and Stanly counties.  The program may serve residents of other counties if there is no Part D provider in that area


Ryan White Part F provides grant funding that supports several research, technical assistance, and access-to-care programs. These programs include:

·         The Special Projects of National Significance Program, supporting the demonstration and evaluation of innovative models of care delivery for hard-to-reach populations;

·         The AIDS Education and Training Centers Program, supporting the education and training of health care providers treating people living with HIV through a network of eight regional centers and three national centers;

·         The Dental Programs, providing additional funding for oral health care for people with HIV through the HIV/AIDS Dental Reimbursement Program and the Community-Based Dental Partnership Program; and

·         The Minority AIDS Initiative, providing funding to evaluate and address the impact of HIV/AIDS on disproportionately affected minority populations.

Ryan White Part C

Ryan White Part D

Ryan White Part F

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